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1. Preface

  • a. The Company informs the Client of its policy regarding, inter alia, safeguarding and securing his privacy and the use, disclosure and collection of confidential and personal information provided by the Company as a result of the Client's use of the Company's website (CryptoMusu.com) (the "Website") and of the Client's use of the available services through the Website (the "Services").
  • b. The Company puts its clients' privacy at the highest regard and at the top of its priorities. This Privacy Policy details the methods of information collection from the Website's users, the possible usages thereof and the measures the Client can take to protect his own privacy.
  • c. The Company reserves the right to change, update and /or amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, at its sole discretion. The Company advises the Client to read this Privacy Policy from time to time and to familiarize himself with updates to this Privacy Policy.
  • d. This Privacy Policy is an integral and an inseparable part of the Website's Terms and Condition.

2. Collection of Information

  • a. Identifiable Personal information
    The Client will be asked to provide the Company with identifiable personal information that could be used for account management, identification and credentials to restricted parts of the Website and the Services ("Personal Information"). Personal Information may include, inter alia, the Client's first name, middle name, last name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, credit card account details and bank account details. The Company reserves the right to ask from the Client, from time to time, to provide additional information at its sole discretion. For the sake of clarity, the Company hereby states that it might ask for different kinds of Personal Information from different clients on a case by case basis.
  • b. Non Personal Information
    Accessing the Website provides the Company with the following information:
    1. Information sent by the Client's internet browser each time the Client logs into the Website ("Log Data"). Log Data may include, inter alia, the Client's computer internet protocol (IP) address, browser's type, the web page the Client logged into before logging to the Website and the information the Client searches while browsing the Website and using the services. Should the Client access the Services via a mobile device, the Company may gather information such as PushID, subject to the Client's prior consent as indicated in the mobile application and the mobile IP address.
    2. Cookies
      The Website applies cookies method for information collection. A cookie is a data file sent from the Website to the Client's hard disk for record keeping. To save the Client's user name and password for further logins to the Website, the Company applies persistent cookies technologies. To allow function of certain features of the Service for research and development and for analysis of aggregated information, the Company applies session ID cookies.
      The Client is entitled to disable cookies by browsing to options section of his browser and choose so. The Client warrants that he is aware that should he chose to disable cookies, the Client may not be able to access and/or use all the features of the Website in whole or in part and such action may harm the functionality of the Service. The Client acknowledges that disabling cookies may prevent him from receiving the Services in whole or in part.
    3. The Company uses Google Analytics program, a service provided by Google, Inc ("Google"). The Company uses a forementioned program for data gathering concerning the Client's usage of the Website. The information gathered by the cookie files about your usage of the Website (including the Client's IP address) may be transferred to Google and stored on its servers, at Google's sole discretion. The Company shall not bear or assume any responsibility and/or be liable for Google's care and/or usage of such information.
    4. Usage
      The Company uses the above mentioned information for administrative, operational and fraud prevention purposes.
  • c. Third Party Sites
    This Privacy Policy will be applicable only to the Services provided by the Company through the Website. The Company warrants that it does not and shall not have control over third party's websites, applications, urls and/or any other digital services that provide information, banners, advertisements and/or links appearing on the Website or Service. The Company firmly advises the Client to read digital third party's privacy and cookies policies and/or any other term that governs such digital service and/or merchandise prior to the Client's access or usage of such digital services and/or merchandise.

3. Usage of Information

  • a. The Company is using Personal Information for the following purposes: (i) provision of the Services;(ii) management of the Client's usage of the Services and the Client's account; (iii) personalization of the Client's browsing experience;(iv) providing information to the Client about the Services;(v) providing the Client with information and offers regarding the Client's personal preferences such as promotional announcements, newsletters and other marketing products;(vi) complying with a third party instructions, such as advertising partners; (vii) executing the Company's Terms and Conditions;(viii) disputes settlements between users of the Services and between themselves and for settling disputes between the Company and the Client, and (ix) getting in touch with the Client to obtain feedback about the Services and the Website. Should the Client prefer not to receive such announcements, the Client shall follow the unsubscribe button provided to him with the Company's announcements.
  • b. The Company uses non Personal Information for the above mentioned purposes and for (i) keeping track and examining the Website's usages, the Services and for technical administration of thereof;(ii) upgrading the Website and the Services;(iii) creating and obtaining data and information regarding the behavior of the Website's users including, inter alia, their interests, preferences and characteristics, and (iv) verification that the Website's users meet the criteria for processing their requests.
  • c. Both Personal Information and non-Personal Information will be subject for the following usages:
    1. Aggregated Information and Non-Identifying Information – The Company may, from time to time and at its sole discretion, share such information with third parties for analysis and commercial purposes and for advertising the Company's products and Services. Such information shall not include the Client's Personal Information and could include non-identifying information and Log Data.
    2. Combined Information – The Company reserves the right to incorporate, from time to time and at its sole discretion, certain Personal Information with non-Personal Information as part of information packages and services aimed at providing tailored made services and merchandise to the Client. Such incorporated information of Personal information and non-Personal Information shall be governed as Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
    3. Service Providers – The Company reserves the right to hire third parties, individuals and corporations, to provide some or all of the Services and to provide services for the administration of the Services and the Website. Such services include, inter alia, maintenance work, hosting, database management, web analytics, payment processing and administration.
    4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations – The Company is committed to cooperating with law enforcement agencies around the globe and uses the services of private parties for enforcement of the law. Should any suspicion of fraud or breach arise in relation to the Client's trade, this Privacy Policy permits the Company to disclose the Client's Personal Information including, inter alia, to credit card reference and fraud prevention agencies. The aforementioned shall also apply to national and international law enforcement agencies and courts upon their first request and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. Such requests include, inter alia, subpoenas for protecting the Company's or a third party's rights and property; for protecting the safety of any person; to stop or prevent an activity that at the Company's sole discretion might be risky, inappropriate, illegal or legally questionable.
    5. Transfer of Rights – The Company reserves the right to wholly or partly sell, transfer or make any other actions in its tangible and intellectual rights and assets including the Client's Personal Information and Log Data, at its sole discretion, inter alia, as a part of merger, acquisition, reorganization, sale of shares and sale of assets or should the Company file for bankruptcy. Furthermore, the Company reserves the right to post extra supporting privacy notices with respect to specific services.

4. Changing & Deleting Private Information

The Client is entitled to update, correct, review or delete his Personal Information, unless such information has to be kept as is for business reasons or in accordance with applicable law or litigation. The Client acknowledges that deleting or omitting such information could result in the deactivation of his account. Furthermore, the Company reserves the right to delete any information provided by the Client or related to him from time to time and at its sole discretion.

5. Security

  • a. Cryptomusu strives to defend the Client's information with a variety of measures aimed at keeping the Client's Personal Information safe from unauthorized access and disclosure. However, the Company does not provide a full guarantee from unauthorized disclosure or use.
  • b. Should the Client receive an email invitation to update his Personal Information, the Client shall not answer the invitation nor click on any links. The Client shall contact the Company via [email protected] and report any suspicious email in relation to the Personal Information.

6. Jurisdiction and International Transfer of Information

The Client's Personal Information may be processed, handled or transferred outside the borders of the Client's country, state, county or any other area where privacy laws may not be as strict as in the Client's jurisdiction.

7. Contacting CryptoMusu

For answers to your questions regarding this Privacy Policy, the Client is advised to contact CryptoMusu via [email protected].