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Following a strict code for safety of funds, CryptoMusu guarantees its clients a secure and safe investment environment. Imperative measures are taken in any given second for keeping client’s capital segregated, secure and confidential.

All clients’ accounts are segregated from each other and from operating funds. The client’s capital is kept in a designated trust account, ensuring that client’s funds will not be used for any other purpose other than investments in his account. Account segregation also ensures availability of funds for withdrawal and protects the client’s account from data breaches.

Another layer of protection to client’s funds lies in the secure platform that CryptoMusu operates. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is in place to ensure the highest security level for clients’ confidential information. Our clients are protected with a 128-bit SSL encryption in accordance with best practices for reputable digital endeavors. To complete the security measures, the servers hosting CryptoMusu are shielded by a state of the art enterprise level firewall.