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Security and AML

Site Security

CryptoMusu invests heavily in securing and safeguarding its client’s information, by integrating state of the art technologies and employing the best professionals in the field. CryptoMusu applies cutting edge encryption protocols and firewalls to keep client’s data safe and to ensure streamlined, secure and reliable services.

In using its services, CryptoMusu strongly suggests its client to take the following measures and precautions:


Clients are encouraged to verify that a locked lock icon is shown in the upper section of CryptoMusu’s website. This icon indicates that a transaction is taking place in your account, verify that the issuing is Geotrust.

User Name and Password

To access the website clients will be asked to provide their user name and password. These two personal and confidential details are not to be transferred to anybody else but the client. CryptoMusu also advises its client to login to Cryptomusu.com only from their personal digital devices (desktop computer, smart phone and tablets) using their private network. Beware, public networks and computers cannot be trusted as secure.

CryptoMusu guides its personnel not the ask for clients’ passwords and clients are advised not to disclose them under any circumstances. In case a client receives a correspondence via mail, text message or any other way, asking for his password, such client will immediately notify CryptoMusu’s customer service.

CryptoMusu strongly suggests its client not to leave a written copy of their user name and password and that they would save it in a separate device than their computer, smartphone or tablet.


Passwords will consist of at least 8 characters. It is advised to set a combination of letters, numbers and special characters, rather than using common words or personal details.

Should a client have a reason to believe that a third party obtained his password, such client shall change the password immediately. In addition, it is advised to periodically change the password, at least once in three months.

Ending a System Session

Clients are advised to make sure to end their activity on CryptoMusu website and trading platform by logging out of the system.

Security Measures

CryptoMusu applies Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encryption, the highest security level to ensure the safety of the financial and personal details client digitally submit. Clients are protected with 128 bit SSL encryption, the security technology used by reputable online ventures. CryptoMusu’s servers are protected with a high-end enterprise level firewall for safeguarding client’s personal and confidential information.

The communication systems used by CryptoMusu are being monitored and analyzed around the clock and all activities within the system are logged. Regular security checks are taking place to verify the system’s integrity.

AML – Anti-Money Laundering


Money Laundering is defined as carrying a financial transaction or a series of financial transactions for concealing money that has been obtain by unlawful sources or by illegal or criminal activity. A variety of laws and regulations govern anti-money laundering policy that require CryptoMusu to monitor and identify money laundering attempts or activities. CryptoMusu adheres to these regulations and will not approve any transaction, act or failing to act that would be considered, at its sole discretion, a violation of anti-money laundering regulation and laws.


CryptoMusu is unconditionally committed to enforcing regulations and laws that transpire from anti-money laundering policy as part of its day to day activities.

CryptoMusu is committed to informing its clients of any anti-money laundering laws and regulations to minimize their impact on law abiding clients and provide them with a state of the art service.


To comply with international anti-money laundering and funding of terror regulations and laws, CryptoMusu provides:

  • A compliance officer who’s responsible for implementing the duties and guidelines that transpire from anti-money laundering regulations.
  • Ongoing training for all relevant personnel who’s in charge of fighting money laundering.
  • An up to date copy of this AML policy at all times.
  • A clear explanation of the documents CryptoMusu asks from clients as part of their identification process for maintaining compliance with all AML laws and regulations.
  • Reports to the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit regarding any suspicious monetary transaction that is potentially related to or involved in money laundering activity.

This anti-money laundering policy is an integral and inseparable part of CryptoMusu’s terms and conditions. By using this website, clients agree to the terms and conditions including all its anti-money laundering stipulations.